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Speech Therapy Plus, Inc.

speechThe Autism Center is proud to be the Morehead City office for Speech Therapy Plus, Inc.

Speech Therapy Plus, Inc.
Our therapists work directly with the family and other service providers to help create a network of individuals who are there to support and assist families.

We Travel to the Client
To the home, day care, school or any other environment that is preferred and considered most appropriate for the client. Our goals are to facilitate the proper development of the client’s speech and occupational therapy skills through direct therapy, and to provide the family with the tools and resources necessary to become active participants in the process. We truly believe that parents and caregivers are the keys to successful intervention.

Guidelines for the development of normal speech and language skills:

Toddlers: have command of 200 to 300 words and can learn one or two new words every day.

Two to three years: vocabulary has grown to about 1,000 words. Children can form simple sentences of three and four words, and can construct a sentence containing a subject and a verb.

Three to four years: vocabulary should be about 1500 words. Sentences become longer and more complex. They can tell little stories and recount recent events. They will typically struggle with negative words – no, not, can’t, don’t – and will attempt to add endings to words such as –s, -es, and –ed.

By age five: vocabulary exceeds 2000 words. Children have mastered most sounds. They can use sentences with correct grammar 90% of the time. They should be able to express their feelings and follow 3 step commands.

Free screenings: Provided if a parent or caregiver has concerns.

For more information call 252-633-6770.

Early intervention: the key to success!