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Modalities Offered

Interactive Metronome (IM)

Interactive Metronome is the only research-based program that uses a computer, which generates a metronome tone heard through headphones. As the student tries to match the beat, the IM measures and helps improve one’s rhythm and timing. By improving this fundamental ability, the individual learns to plan, sequence and process information more effectively.

Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic Listening ® is a highly individualized sound-based program, which uses electronically altered compact discs. These new sounds combined with a sensory-based exercise routine can improve listening skills and prepare the nervous system for growth in many other areas.

The Wilbarger Touch Brush Protocol and Sensory Diet Program

This program addresses the needs of clients with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Behaviors of SPD include difficulty sitting still, seeking intense movements (spins, twirls, bounces, jumps, rocks), difficulty grading movement (uses too little or too much force), difficulty standing in line or close to other people, overly sensitive to loud sounds or noises, and poor depth perception. These are just a few of the behaviors that are listed on the Sensory Profile Caregiver Questionnaire completed by parents or caregivers, and used by our OT to identify SPD.

Lindamood-Bell Programming (the Seeing Stars Program)

The program begins by visualizing the identity, number, and sequence of letters for sounds within words, and extends into multisyllable and contextual reading and spelling. Seeing Stars is appropriate for children with symptoms of dyslexia and with deficits in word recognition, contextual fluency, spelling and reading comprehension. In the program, a child obtains practice in phonological reading tasks, orthographic processing for spelling skills, cognition training, sentence writing and composition practice.

Visualizing and Verbalizing

Language comprehension and thinking skills are used to help children develop concept imagery – the ability to imagine a gestalt (whole). The program addresses weak concept imagery, which causes individuals to grasp only “part” of what they read or hear, such as a few facts or details, rather than the whole picture.


Earobics is a specially designed computer program for language and literacy development, which addresses phonological awareness, auditory processing, and phonics. It improves reading, spelling and language skills with over 300 levels of individual training that automatically adapts to each student’s skill level. Children enjoy the game-like nature of this program while improving language skills.

Cognitive Tutoring for Dyslexia

Some of the programs utilized are Lindamood-Bell ®, Basic Symbol Mastery, and Symbol Mastery for Words.

Reading and Handwriting

Seeing Stars Books, Handwriting without Tears, Loops and Other Groups Kinesthetic Writing System are just a few of the modalities utilized when working with clients to address these issues.