5242 Highway 70 W, Morehead City, NC 28557  252-240-2255

Lending Library

We have purchased many books about Autism, social skills, and making picture schedules. We have a series of books that use Superflex as a character to help younger kids to be more flexible in their thinking. We have books on Aspergers and adolescence for parents to read and books for teens to read about Aspergers! We have DVDs about Social Thinking, Temple Grandin, Playtime with Zeebu for younger kids that includes puppets, and a DVD that comes with a book on Social Behavior Mapping.

All of our books and DVDs are organized here.

If you would like to come to the Center to browse through our library, please give us a call to make sure somebody will be here to meet you. Donor members may take materials home to read. You also may browse through our library and find something you would like to keep. We can help you order them, too. We encourage teachers and caregivers to come look through the library if you need help with ideas for teaching or understanding more about Autism.