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Focus Therapy Services, Inc.

drawingThe Autism Center is proud to be the Morehead City location of Focus Therapy Services, Inc. Focus Therapy has been serving the Autism community and others with developmental therapy needs in New Bern for over 15 years. Nancy Happ, OT (Occupational Therapist), uses her years of experience to help and offers many modalities and unique programs here at the Autism

Guidelines for the development of normal visual/fine motor and self-help skills:

Toddlers: enjoy water play, play-doh, sand; can place circles & squares in puzzle; snips clumsily with kids’ safety scissors; turns 2-3 pages of a book at a time; begins to imitate a line with crayon; drinks from cup with little spilling; takes shoes & socks off; may help pull pants down.

Two to three years: begins to strongly prefer one hand in grasping activities; strings large beads; able to indentify 4 body parts; places circle, square & triangle in puzzle; begins to cut across paper in direction of lines; undresses except for pull-overs; begins to undo fasteners (large buttons).

Three to four years: begins to manipulate wind up toys, cuts a long straight line within ½ of line; begins to cut circles; uses fork for solids & spoon for liquids; can undress self including buttons & laces; puts on socks & shoes; can lace 2/3 holes of shoe (laces usually don’t cross); washes & dries hands with only a little help.

By age five: grasps crayons & pencils maturely; cuts square with slight deviations; begins to copy diagonal lines; draws a person with 6-10 body parts; colors in outline with minimal deviation; eats independently; dress self with little help.

Occupational Therapist: Focus Therapy with Nancy Happ, OT

Nancy Happ has added the Crystal Coast Autism Center in Morehead City as one of her three offices. Her other two offices are in New Bern and Bayboro. Nancy’s many years of experience will be a huge asset to our area in working with and meeting our kid’s developmental therapeutic needs. She has many modalities she is able to use and unique programs to engage our children. The Crystal Coast Autism Center is proud to partner with her in advancing our children’s potential.

Call her at (252) 672-8676 to make an appointment today. She accepts blue cross/ blue shield, tricare and medicaid.