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About Us

about-usThe Autism Center was formed by parents and community members in order to bring services to the Autism Community in Carteret County and surrounding areas. We are a grassroots non profit organization currently run by volunteers, who for a variety of reasons, feel compelled to help families and individuals affected with Autism. We have providers of both Occupational and Speech Therapy. We have dog therapists who visit the Center.  We have a lending library for interested people to learn more about Autism. We also have a growing list of resources to offer families.  There is a tremendous need in our community. Each family or individual that comes to the Center looking for help has their own individual story. Every child/adult with Autism has different strengths and concerns. It is difficult to help everybody, but it is our desire to develop the services, classes and resources that are needed to bring awareness, understanding and care to those seeking assistance.

In researching similar Centers, we have come across other wonderful nonprofits that are using creative and innovative programs.

Some are run by Special Ed teachers like www.OASISNC.org, who offers after school and middle school programs for children with ASD.

Some are organized by dedicated parents like iaspireofnc.org who have programs like Bowling for Aspies and Hanging with Friends.

Then another Center is the CAT-Campus in Durham, which is a collaborative of therapists. Unyfeat.org has similar membership levels as us and many unique fund raising events. As stated on their website, the Monarch Center for Autism in Cleveland Ohio, has a Soap Shop that offers a meaningful vocational experience for individuals with autism. With guidance from staff, Monarch clients oversee all aspects of manufacturing soaps, lotions and lip balms, from product development to marketing, packaging and sales. All proceeds benefit Monarch Center for Autism.

That would be a wonderful long range goal to have…a way to engage people with autism in the many aspects of running a business and to actually make enough money to sustain the Center independently.

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